NQSolicitors.com is a unique legal recruitment platform that allows final seat trainees and junior solicitors at NQ - 5 PQE to take the next step in their career by matching them with private practice law firms looking to hire.


Designed and developed by experienced legal recruitment consultants, NQSolicitors.com is NOT a jobs board, but a platform that allows you to take complete control over the search for your next role.

We've built a tool that matches your profile with law firms based throughout the UK.

The platform is free to use and has been designed with your anonymity as its top priority.

It's a very effective way of keeping a passive eye on the market, ensuring that you're notified as soon as your dream job appears.


Step 1: Spend just five minutes creating a candidate profile by answering a few questions about your academic record, legal experience to date and your specific work preferences.

Step 2: Sit back and wait for the platform to match your profile with live vacancies at NQ - 5 PQE. Once we've matched your profile, we'll send you a CV Request via email and text.

Step 3: Authorise the release of your CV for a specific vacancy.

Step 4: Work with an experienced consultant who'll be there to guide you throughout the recruitment process.