What is the legal profession doing to combat stress and how can you manage your stress levels if you are about to qualify as an NQ solicitor?

21st May 2019, Ian Roberts

What is the legal profession doing to combat stress and how can you manage your stress levels if you...

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What lessons can NQs and junior solicitors learn from ‘no brown in town’ furore?

30th April 2019, Ian Roberts

The legal profession hit the press for all the wrong reasons a couple of weeks ago when a partner at...

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Freshfields and Linklaters: last two magic circle firms announce strong (but not stellar) retention scores

15th April 2019, Ian Roberts

Apart from one or two stragglers, most of the larger law firms have now released their spring retent...

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Are we any clearer about the impact of SQE on firms and students?

1st April 2019, Ian Roberts

It is fair to say that the overwhelming response from the legal profession to the new Solicitors Qua...

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What got you to level 1 won’t get you to level 2

26th March 2019, Ian Roberts

Following on from her hugely popular guest blog The top 5 mistakes to avoid as a junior lawyer, Kat...

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Will law firms adapt to meet the demands of today’s junior lawyers?

18th March 2019, Ian Roberts

For many young people, experiences are more important than careers. Rather than demand a steady prog...

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Slaughter and May leads the way with impressive spring retention score

26th February 2019, Ian Roberts

This is the first of our seasonal retention round ups as firms across the UK announce which of their...

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Staff well-being should be a law firm’s top priority

19th February 2019, Ian Roberts

Firms that focus on the well-being of their staff and partners are the ones that will increasingly a...

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Law firms should be thinking more about social mobility than fit when hiring junior lawyers

12th February 2019, Ian Roberts

Social mobility ought to be a top priority for law firms if they want to attract the best employees...

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Is AI a blessing or a curse for junior lawyers?

5th February 2019, Ian Roberts

Junior lawyers and paralegals have been described as an endangered species due to the rise of artifi...

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The new SQE – a disaster for aspiring solicitors or a bright new dawn?

29th January 2019, Ian Roberts

In our first blog about the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) we asked whether it will meet the S...

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4 reasons why Newly Qualified Solicitors hate speaking to Recruitment Agents

15th January 2019, Ian Roberts

If you ask the general public which professions they dislike the most, lawyers would come pretty hig...

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Will the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam meet the SRA’s goals?

8th January 2019, Ian Roberts

The introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) in 2021 will radically change how people en...

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Should City law firms be worried by the Big Four’s assault on the legal sector?

18th December 2018, Ian Roberts

Deloitte was the last of the Big Four accountancy practices to enter the legal services market whe...

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Spotlight on Bristol: why relocating from London could be the best decision you ever make

11th December 2018, Ian Roberts

Not only is Bristol one of the most thriving legal centres outside of London, last year it topped...

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Are law firms missing the point by obsessing over NQ retention rates?

27th November 2018, Ian Roberts

Every retention season is met with a frenzy of articles in the legal press setting out what percen...

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Linklaters is last and least as stragglers announce autumn retentions

8th November 2018, Ian Roberts

It was a mixed bag for the magic circle and top US law firms as the final autumn retention rates w...

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Establishing a law firm’s culture is crucial when making a move at NQ to 2 PQE

30th October 2018, Ian Roberts

How important is a law firm’s culture when choosing which firm to join as an NQ? And how do you ev...

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NQ survey results spark spirited online discussions about law firms’ duties to NQs

23rd October 2018, Ian Roberts

The survey of 350+ trainee and newly qualified solicitors we conducted this summer received plenty...

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Could your social media footprint destroy your career?

5th September 2018, Ian Roberts

There are no end of examples of people getting caught out by indiscreet social media posts or priv...

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So, you want to be an IP lawyer?

29th August 2018, Ian Roberts

If you’ve ever wondered about the importance of intellectual property (IP), think about this. The in...

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The top 5 mistakes to avoid as a junior lawyer

13th August 2018, Katherine Cousins

Every junior lawyer wants to make a great first impression so it can be soul destroying when you mak...

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Kirkland & Ellis’s perfect autumn retention score leaves magic circle firms trailing

7th August 2018, Ian Roberts

With the autumn NQ retention announcement season in full swing, we take a look at which firms are...

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Leading firms need to look beyond salaries to recruit the top NQs and associates

31st July 2018, Ian Roberts

In the first part of this two-part blog, we looked at the salary war currently being fought by the...

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